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Most Viewed Articles

1 Animal metaphors in Malay with semantic derogation
Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities
Total View: 132
2 Optimisation and validation of hplc method for simultaneous quantification of rifampicin, isoniazid, pyrazinamide, and ethambutol hydrochloride in anti-tuberculosis 4-FDC
Jurnal Teknologi
Total View: 102
3 Unethical audit behaviour among malaysian auditors: an exploratory study
Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities
Total View: 90
4 Closure and post-closure of landfills in Malaysia: lessons learnt
Malaysian Journal of Science
Total View: 75
5 Molecular cloning and in silico characterization of fructansucrase gene from Weissella confusa MBFCNC-2(1) isolated from local beverage
Asia-Pacific Journal of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Total View: 60
6 Tell tale of tablets in bronchus
Medical Journal of Malaysia
Total View: 54
7 Indeks kesejahteraan psikologi remaja: tahap, kadar dan pengaruh latar belakang diri
Jurnal Pendidikan
Total View: 53
8 Corporate internet reporting in emerging economic countries: the Malaysian perspective
Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities
Total View: 52
9 Impact of climate change on rainfall over Kerian, Malaysia with Long Ashton Research Station Weather Generator (LARS-WG)
Malaysian Journal of Civil Engineering
Total View: 46
10 Alternasi dalam fonologi subdialek Kedah Utara
Jurnal Bahasa
Total View: 37

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