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1 Identification of medication error in prescribing pharmaceutical outpatient, Taman Husada Bontang hospital period, 1 March-16 April 2019
Malaysian Journal of Medical Research
Created: 17/2/2020 18:02:11
2 Trainee teachers post-training qualitative assessment on Sexual reproductive health for special children
Malaysian Journal of Medical Research
Created: 17/2/2020 17:51:50
3 Cyclic performance of hdr hook-end precast beam-column joint: a finite element analysis
Jurnal Teknologi
Created: 17/2/2020 17:02:48
4 Gaussian fuzzy analytic hierarchy process for the evaluation of benefit, cost, and risk analysis in the Indonesian oil and gas processing area
Jurnal Teknologi
Created: 17/2/2020 16:57:48
5 Awareness and prevalence of industrialized building system (IBS) in Iran
Jurnal Teknologi
Created: 17/2/2020 16:51:22
6 New cubic timmer triangular patches with
Jurnal Teknologi
Created: 17/2/2020 16:46:53
7 The determinants of microcredit quality in Malaysia: a panel evidence
International Journal of Business and Society
Created: 17/2/2020 16:45:06
8 Mechanosynthesis, crystal structure, magnetic and absorption properties of al substituted BaFe12o19
Jurnal Teknologi
Created: 17/2/2020 16:33:22
9 Effect of humidity on the mechanical properties of kenaf yarn fibre/polylactic acid biocomposites
Jurnal Teknologi
Created: 17/2/2020 16:26:54
10 A review on sub-cooling in vapor compression refrigeration cycle for energy saving
Jurnal Teknologi
Created: 17/2/2020 16:18:42