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International Journal of Banking and Finance

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International Journal of Banking and Finance


Discipline(s) / Subdiscipline(s):

     1. Social Sciences
         - Economics & finance

Print ISSN: 1675-7227
Publisher: Universiti Utara Malaysia
Publication type: Print
Publication frequency: 2 time(s) per year
Journal Website: http://ijbf.uum.edu.my/

Contact Info

UUM Liaison Editor: Professor Nor Hayati Ahmad
College of Business
University Utara Malaysia, Sintok,
45400 UUM, Kedah, Malaysia.

Tel: (604)12 484 8419
Fax: (604)-928-6406

E-mail: ayati@uum.edu.my

The idea for an international journal was mooted at the first meeting of the international scholars who met in Crete, Greece, at the 2001 conference of the International Society for Banking & Finance (ISBF). It was felt then that there was room for an internationally-focused banking and finance journal to meet the growing demand for publications of scholarly studies coming from across the world rather than from major centres. The International Journal of Banking and Finance (IJBF) was then founded in 2001 with its inaugural issue appearing in 2003.

The IJBF is part of the ISBF efforts to provide a publication forum for international scholars in banking and finance to disseminate their theoretical, empirical and applied research through anonymously blind peer review process. The founding editor, 2001-04, was Dilip Ghosh, Seton Hall University. M. Lakehal-Ayat of St Johns College, Rochester Institute of Technology, served during 2005-2009 as joint editor with M. Ariff of Monash University, Australia. The journal is edited in the locations of the current editors’ universities. The journal is financed by the University Utara Malaysia which also provides the hard copy print services and distribution of the issues to the subscribers.

The primary criteria during the review and selection process of the submitted papers are sound theoretical basis, valid empirical application and analysis, and contribution to the fields of banking and finance. The primary criteria in the final selection of the papers once the review process is complete are quality, originality, and relevance to the international banking and finance fields.

IJBF is a ranked journal listed by the Australian Research Council. Its Field of Research code is: 1502.



M. Ariff ; A. M. Parhizgari

Editorial Board

Joint Editors
M. Ariff   
A. M. Parhizgari   

UUM Liaison
N. H. Ahmad

Copy editor
Suhailawati Mohd Shamsudin

Interim copy editor
Nor Arpizah Atan

International Editorial Board
Abraham Abraham, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia
Kose John, New York University, USA
Ahmad J. Khalid, Bond University, Australia
Maroune Lakehal-Ayat, St Johns College, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
Manuel Jose da Rocha-Armada, University of Minho, Portugal
Takao Kobayashi, University of Tokyo, Japan
Obiyathulla Ismath Bacha, INCEIF, Malaysia
Kian-Guan Lim, Singapore Management University
Mondher Bellalah, University of Cergy, France
William T. Moore, University of South Carolina, USA
Harold Black, University of Tennessee, USA
Imad Moosa, Monash University, Australia
Kalok Chan, HKUniversity of Science & Technology
Louis Murray, University College Dublin, Ireland
Edward Y.H. Chow, National Chengchi University, Taiwan
Geoffrey Poitress, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Ephraim Clark, Middlesex University, UK
Abdul Kareem Rifaat, Islamic Financial Services Board
Robert Clarke, University of Evansville, USA
Abderrahmane Robana, Alfred University, USA
David Ding, Singapore Management University
Brahim Saadouni, University of Manchester, UK
Robert B. Durrand, University of Western Australia, USA
Shamsher, M., Universiti Putra Malaysia
Stephen P.Ferris, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA
Ralph Walking, Drexel University, USA
Pang Eng Fong, Singapore Management University
Martin Young, Massey University, New Zealand
Philip Gray, University of Queensland, Australia
Mohd. Zaini, Abdul Karim Universiti Utara Malaysia
Benton Gup, University of Alabama, USA
Raquib Zaman, Ithaca College, USA
Kabir Hassan, University of New Orleans, USA
Dariusz Zarzecki, Szczecin University, Poland



Completed manuscript - following strictly the instructions to the authors given in this and the next page - may be submitted either as a print copy submission or as an electronic submission via email or through the journal’s web-based portal. 

In the case of the print copy submission, please send two copies of the paper along with an MS Word file or preferably a PDF on a CD or DVD by postal mail or courier service (see the address below).

In the case of the electronic submission via email, preferably the MS Word file or PDF is to be sent to the email address of both editors as indicated below.  The file name should follow the format of “author-TITLE.pdf”, or “author-TITLE.doc”.  The TITLE may be abbreviated to the first few key words.  The “….-.docx” files are not currently acceptable since our reviewers may not have access to this version of the MS Word. When the paper is accepted for publication, following the review and corrections, if any, the author(s) will be asked to submit a final file in the MS Word for the purpose of editing and typesetting. 

In the case of the electronic submission through the journal’s web-based portal, please visit the journal’s site and follow instructions.  This is the most preferred approach in submitting your papers.

Paper from the Americas:
Please use the web-based portal to post the paper or email it to A. M. Parhizgari at:  parhiz@fiu.edu.  Finance Department, RB204-B, Florida International University, University Park Campus, Miami, FL 33199, USA. Phone: (1)-305-348-3326; Fax: (1)-305-348-4245; E-mail: parhiz@fiu.edu.

Papers from any other parts of the world:
Please use the web-based portal to post the paper or email it to M. Ariff at:  mariff@bond.edu.au.  Department of Finance, Bond University, University Drive, Gold Coast, Qld 4229, Australia. Phone: (617)-5595-2296; Fax: (617)-5595-1160 E-mail: mariff@bond.edu.au
Papers from any part of the world that cannot be sent via email or be posted via the web-based portal of the journal may be sent to the following address.  Please note that this is the least preferred process and may entail some delays.
Suhailawati Mohd Shamsudin at  Editorial office of IJBF, c/o Penerbit UUM, Universiti Utara Malaysia, 06010 Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia. Phone: (604)-928-4155/4959; Fax: (604)-928-4142; E-mail: suhaila@uum.edu.my or Nor Arpizah Atan; E-mail: arpizah@uum.edu.my. The submitted papers will be forwarded to the editors for review and follow-up. Authors may inquire about the status of their papers via e-mail inquiry sent to this e-mail address.

The IJBF is unique in its publication approach. The Editorial Board is committed to publishing original contributions that offer readers of subscribing institutions a variety of banking, finance and insurance topics on an international basis to bridge theory and practices in different institutional environments.
Articles must be in English language. The International Journal of Banking and Finance (IJBF)  publishes original contributions, theoretical as well as empirical, in the fields of banking, finance and insurance. Some of the topics areas are: Finance, Banking, Behavioural Economics/Finance, Corporate Finance, Econometrics, Financial Institutions & Markets, Financial Services, Insurance; International Economics & Trade; International Finance; Micro and Macroeconomics; Monetary Policy, Investments, Portfolio & Security Analysis, Real Estate, Ethical Finance, Monetary Policy, Mergers & Takeovers, Risk Management, and other topics considered generally as relevant.
Manuscript Format
The title of the paper should be all in capital letters. Section Headings should be centred and be in bold. Each main Section Heading should be numbered in Arabic/Indian numerals. Each subheading should be flushed to the left (and formatted in italics), and follow the alphabetical numbering by A, B, C, etc. Manuscript must be typed on one side of the A4 paper, double spaced and with a margin of 2.5 cm on the left- and 2 cm on the right hand-side: please use New Times Roman fonts number 12.
Title Page
Please include a date on the title page of the manuscript, e.g. "Working paper, May 24, 20xx.
The page containing the abstract must be the second page of the paper after the title page. The abstract page however must be numbered as the first page of the paper. The abstract should be complete, self-contained. At least five key words/phrases must be provided below the abstract. Journal of Economics Literature classification number(s) must be included below the key words.
All footnotes/endnotes should appear before References and numbered in Arabic/Indian numerals.
Tables and Figures
Tables and Figures should be in camera-ready form in the final version of the accepted paper. Each table and graph must have self-contained descriptions to explain the contents. They should be numbered consecutively in Arabic/Indian numerals.

Example: "Table 3" on one line, and in the next line include the title of the table before the table itself.
Citations of the work in the paper should be by the name of the author(s) followed by the year of publication - APA style 6th edition. For instance, Park and Lee (2003), or (Park and Lee, 2003). References, only of the works cited, should be listed in full at the end of the paper arranged alphabetically in the following style:
Park, Y. S., and Lee, J. J., (2003). An empirical study on the relevance of applying relative valuation models to investment strategies in the Japanese stock market. Japan and the World Economy, 15, 331- 339.
Simon, A., (2000). Perceptual comparisons through the mind’s eye. Memory & Cognition, 23, 635-647.
Reilly, F. K., and Brown, K. C., (2003). Investment analysis & portfolio management (7th ed.). Ohio: Thomson South-Western, London.
Since space in any journal is expensive, care should be exercised to include only a short list of references. Include old dated references only if they are significant contributions. Please ensure that the references that are very recent are included and the older ones eliminated. Limit the references to about 20 or so items.
The yearly subscription for the Journal is US$20.00 (for individual) and US$50.00 (for institutions).
Subscriptions include USD 10.00 for each volume (that is two issues per year, if no special issue is published in a given year). There are two issues in each volume. Subscription shall begin with the first issue of the current volume.
Contributors must provide their full names, position held, highest qualifications, addresses, email addresses and areas of interest in an email message or in a letter. Most of this information should be included on the title page. At the time of final manuscript submission, authors will be asked to submit a no more than 150-word author statement (feel free to include it in your submission) that will appear at the end of the text of the paper before the list of the references.
Acknowledgment, if any, of no more than 120 words will appear at the bottom of page one of the printed article.
Copyright of the articles will not remain with the author(s). Prior to publication of accepted article, author(s) will be asked to assign copyright to the Journal. All published articles in the Journal are copyrighted to the Journal. 

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